• You and your journey is unique

  • We support you in getting it to the next level

  • Change, growth and success is our Fokus

Why Coaching?

Professional coaching promotes personal growth in private and professional life and supports the achievement of personal goals.
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    Reasons for a coaching
  • Recognize the valuable things in life

  • Strengthen personal and professional values
  • Increase your capacity for action and self-determination
  • Make problems and unconscious conflicts visible
  • Work-life balance
  • Counteract the causes of illness (stress, burnout)
  • Make your relationships grow
  • Release resources and develop strategies
  • Dissolve fears and blockades
  • Develop personal potential


We work according to the scientifically validated
St. Galler Coaching Modell (SCM)®



Clearly structured

Sustainably Effective



How it works

Goal space

Clarify and recognize your values and goals

Development space

Making the problem conscious

Underlying structures of goal and development space

Becoming aware of the unconscious layers


Merging of body, emotions, intellect, time and environment

Self-image and life change dimension

Facilitates the healing of deep wounds in the personality and supports the integration of changes into everyday life

Our Team

Alicia Orellana

Systemic Coach & Consultant (CTAS/ISO/ICI)
Dance and Movement Therapist

“Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you. Let them make you even hungrier to succeed”

– Michelle Obama

Get to know me

Alicia Orellana

Systemic Coach & Consultant (CTAS/ISO/ICI)
Dance and Movement Therapist

“As a person who has taken the time to explore my true calling, I have had the opportunity to discover the importance of living one’s true path. Through my work with children and youth, I learned the most important lesson, that each person’s journey is unique and empathy and support can transform someone’s life for the better! “

“It is my passion to accompany people on their journey towards personal and professional growth and support them in strengthening their values to live the life they always dreamed of!”

– Alicia

Erio Ravaioli

Systemic Coach & Consultant (CTAS/ISO/ICI)

“A joy that comes from outside will also leave us again. But those values that are rooted inside are reliable and enduring”

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Get to know me

Erio Ravaioli

Systemic Coach & Consultant (CTAS/ISO/ICI)

“I want to offer something that I would have wished for myself! “

“Drawing from more than 30 years of professional experience as a process engineer, vocational trainer and manager in Swiss industry and business, through coaching my goal is to give back to other people what I have learnt from my experience and support them in increasing their values. “

– Erio

Coaching Program

  • Adults

    Finding strategies that bring sustainable solutions and enable personal and professional growth… Why not?

    Our Coaching is custom designed to fit the goals and desires of each client. Our focus is to strengthen your values to reach your goals quickly. We support you in:

    •  Making personal, family and professional decisions
    •  Shaping and maintaining the quality of relationships
    •  Depict and changing complex structures
    •  Dissolving inhibitions, fears and patterns
    •  Identifying, strengthening and implementing strategies
    •  Strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence
    •  Burnout prevention 
    •  Strengthening verbal and non-verbal forms of expression 
    •  Recognizing and handling emotions
    •  Starting the next level

    Duration: 6 – 8 Sessions at 1.5 – 2 hours

  • Children and Youth

    Increase self-esteem, security, joy in learning and develop new skills…Why not?

    Children and young people have their own way of expressing themselves and dealing with different situations. They have unlimited resources to achieve anything they want. Through our coaching we support children and young people in achieving their goals and:

    •   Strengthening their self-confidence and self-assurance
    •   Strengthening mental resistance (resilience) 
    •   Encouraging inner-motivation
    •   Increasing problem solving competence
    •   Dissolving inhibitions and fears
    •   Recognizing and handling emotions
    •   Strengthening verbal and non-verbal forms of expression
    •   Feeling joy in learning and zest for life
    •   Tapping inner resources
    •   Discovering who they really are

    Duration: 3 – 5 Sessions at 1 – 1.5 hours

  • Specials – Dance and Movement Therapy

    Your body is talking to you. Isn’t it time to listen? Dance and movement therapy focuses on the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and physical experiences.

    Based on the notion that body, mind and soul are connected, dance and movement therapy supports your cognitive, emotional and spiritual growth. Movement is an authentic way to give voice to what is verbally too difficult to say or when words are not enough to fully express a feeling or experience.

    No dance experience is needed, only the desire to make sense of your emotional world!

    •   Strengthen confidence and self-esteem
    •   Strengthen verbal and non-verbal forms of expression 
    •   Recognize, understand and express emotions
    •   Strengthen mental resistance
    •   Increase capacity to act and self-determination
    •   Strengthen interpersonal skills
    •   Reduce stress 
    •   Reduce anxiety
    •   Increase physical fitness and gross motor skill development
    •   Encourage creativity and imagination
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